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March 2024

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tri complete

It looks like the long night is over in Seattle. March brought a lot more sunny days.

March notables:

  • We went to the Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons concert. The venue in the same building as the Seattle symphony’s performances (Benaroya Hall), but in a smaller concert hall.
  • I went to Tucson, AZ and completed the beginner ORO Valley Triathlon. It was easier than I expected, but the weather didn’t give me any opportunities to do blocks of swimming, biking, and running. I’m pleased with my performance, so much so that I’m signing up for a Seattle-based sprint triathlon in July.
  • After the triathlon, I tried a mexican ice cream shop in Tucson: La Michoacana Ice Cream. Delicious. Hello Em Coffee, Sunny Hill Seattle , and Mas Cafe were other highlights.
  • For my birthday, we went and saw Dune 2 at former Cinerama theater, now SIFF. I liked the movie enough to buy the second book, Dune Messiah.
  • We visited the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington. The UW campus is goregeous, there’s a fountain at Vista/Stevens that gives you a great view of Mt. Ranier. That day was so clear and sunny it was what we’ve been calling a “three mountain day”: when the cascades, Ranier, and Olympics are all visible. Three mountain days are always good days.
  • I finished reading Atomic Habits, started and finished Cult of the Dead Cow, and started reading Dune Messiah.