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February 2024

·2 mins

trombone visualization

Unsurprisingly, February was another gray month in Seattle.

Here’s a bulleted list of things that happened:

  • We traveled to San Diego for some R&R.
  • It’s been a long time coming (years), but we worked a company that took our apartment’s floor plan and did some 3d modeling of the furniture. I was impressed! We found a living room we want, and we’re going to buy it soon.
  • Health/exercise: I went on a few bike rides during “Fake Spring”. 2024’s first 30mi+ ride was cold and I didn’t eat well enough for it. Weight training has been going well, 2-3x weekly. It’s been challenging to find a place to swim. Jogging has been OK, I completed a few 5K runs at last summer’s speed. Oro Valley tri is in a couple of weeks(!).
  • We ate at a few good restaurants this month: Un Bien, Stone Korean, and Oceana Sunday Brunch being the best.
  • L won tickets to a Seattle Kraken NHL game, it was fun!
  • I bought a trombone mouthpiece visualizer. It’s hard to fix something you can’t see! Playing the trombone requires forming an embochure and properly directing air through it. This is a nifty tool to ensure you’re doing this consistently and correctly. It reminded me of Doug Yeo’s post where he showed how the tongue is supposed to move while playing trombone with an MRI!
  • We missed most of this year’s Super Bowl.
  • I finished reading Band of Brothers, started reading Atomic Habits
  • We finished the current season of All Creatures Great and Small
  • I went to my first “company” party (L’s company) in years. Hundreds of folks at a Dave and Buster’s!