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I first saw Life Quests when I read Brent Ozar’s. After my life-changing news in 2023, I decided to start my own list of Life Quests.

Current Quests in Progress: #

  • Sprint Triathlon - I’m in the best shape of my life, and I remember not being fit enough to do a triathlon when a bunch of my friends did one 20 years ago. I’m training for a sprint triathlon in July 2024.
  • Home Ownership - We rent. It’s not the worst, but we want to own a home. Interest rates are pretty gnarly these days (Nov 2023)
  • Enjoy Technology - I spent a lot of the 2010s not enjoying tech. A lot of this was because I was Working Too Damn Hard, and I burned out. This website is supposed to help =)

Completed Quests: #

  • Weightlifting - 2023 was the first year I lifted weights in my life. One rep max: bench press: 20kg, squat: 111 kg, deadlift: 115kg. 2024 I’ll focus more on upper body strength =)
  • Participate in a cycling event - In 2019 I rode a half century (50 miles) for the Santa Fe Century.