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April 2024

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screenshot of bike ride apple fitness

April was a fun month. In early April celebrated a birthday by going all around Seattle, including a trip to Bainbridge island.

The weather still feels a bit too cold to be “Spring”, but we’ll manage.


  • I went on a few bike rides in some new gear that’s more suitable for cool weather/wind. Now when the temperature is below 10C (50F), I’ll still go for a ride. I’m still not comfortable in steady rain. I was surprised how big of a difference the Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Knee Warmers made.
  • I hit a new personal best on squats: 115kg (255 lbs). I tried to beat my max on bench press and deadlift, but it wasn’t there on those days. I felt like I can go higher, so maybe I’ll attempt another max for those in May.
  • We watched WrestleMania with a friend. I think we’re done with WWE for a while. We’re still watching AEW.
  • We started and finished watching Shōgun. I liked it a lot!
  • Dining out: Fletcher Bay Winery, Starbucks Reserve, and Metropolitan Grill were highlights.
  • I started and finished reading Yes! and Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I started reading Thrive.